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Posted on: 17 March 2020 Category: Covenants
Achieving 150% Insulation of the Building Code to Satisfy our Covenants

Achieving 150% Insulation of the Building Code to Satisfy our Covenants

We have created a little guide to help you understand what it means to achieve 150% Insulation of the Building Code and why it is needed to Satisfy Covenant 4.5(i) for Frontier Estate.

Building Code Requirements for house insulation.

Insulation Requirements

Homes in New Zealand must have adequate insulation, so you need to make sure
they have the correct level of thermal resistance (R-value) for their location.

All buildings constructed at Frontier Estate are required by clause 4.5(i) of the
building covenants to have no less than 150% of thermal insulation required by
H1 of the New Zealand Building Code for the Te Awamutu region.

Reasons to Insulate.

Why Insulate?

Besides providing year-round comfort, a well insulated home costs less to heat
and cool. With the added benefit of exterior noise control.

A fully insulated home needs about half the heating an uninsulated home requires.
It provides a healthier environment and also helps reduce condensation, damp and
mould. Insulation reduces the rate heat is lost through ceilings, walls and floors. It
traps air in small pockets and provides a barrier to stop heat from escaping.

Typical areas for heat loss

In poorly insulated homes, 30–35% of heat is lost through the roof, 21–31% through
the windows and 18–25% through the walls. The floor and air leakage account for
the remaining heat loss.

Our guide: Achieving 150% Insulation of the building code to satisfy our covenants explains further on how to measure and calculate insulation performance.